Areej Khaddaj Photography | Contest - September 2017

Areej Khaddaj Photography Contest - September 2017

  • Starting September 15, every weekday for 10 days, I will post a question related to my photos
  • To make sure you receive the questions, turn on the post notifications from Areej Khaddaj Photography
  • Open and find among the galleries the photo(s) that demonstrate(s) the answer (you can find multiple correct answers)
  • Share one of those photos on Facebook directly from the website (using computer not mobile)
  • It is mandatory to mention Areej Khaddaj Photography in your Facebook posts (as a tag), for the answers to be counted
  • The person with the most number of correct answers wins a framed photo of his/her choice (40 cm * 60 cm). In case of a tie, a draw will be held to determine the winner
  • Results will be announced on October 1, 2017

**** Notes ****

  • When sharing in Facebook, the Privacy level should not be "Only me"
  • The posts should not be deleted before the competition ends, otherwise they won't be counted

Question #1: Which of my photos depict(s) some kind of symmetry (example reflection...)?

Question #2: Which of my photos shows the island of Mont Saint Michel, France?

Question #3: Find a photo showing silhouette of an object, a person...

Question #4: Find a photo that contains a "vanishing point"

Question #5: Find a photo taken at Alhambra Castle, Granada, Spain.

Question #6: Find a photo whose foreground (not background) is blurred (HINT: flowers)

Question #7: Find a photo that includes a "natural frame". If you're not familiar with the concept, it's time to search and learn

Question #8: Find a photo taken with a very high shutter speed

Question #9Find a photo taken at Ammiq, Lebanon

Question #10: Find a photo that demonstrates the "rule of thirds"